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I have had many people try out the herb SAGE, yes same as the condiment, only wild grown or Organic.  I purchase my stock from Oregon's Wild Harvest (sage leaf) or Latin name "Salvia afficinalis" it is an herb considered women's friend.  Pour 8oz boiled (distilled preferred) water in cup, 1 tsp of dried herb cover and seep 20 mins (longer it can become bitter).  strain & drink, if you need sweetener add honey no sugar ever (neutralizes medicinal value).  You can start using on the 1st signs of menstrual cycle.  week before, during & after.  It could almost be called “cure all”  Yes, even men could benefit.  But for women it’s a remedy for female troubles, increases menstruation when too scanty and check it when profuse.   Helps with bloating, headaches, cramps, PMS, clotting, length if to short or long, and for women going through the change of life!  Hot sweats becomes a thing of the past.   (Drink cold during day)

This is not the only thing sage can be used for:  other uses:

  • Excellent gargle for tonsillitis (use strong tea)
  • Ulcers in throat or mouth
  • Drunk cold during the day, will prevent night sweats.  (or dry mothers milk).
  • Quinsy (use the tea externally)
  • Biliousness
  • Gas in the stomach and bowels
  • Expel worms (both adults & children)
  • Can be used in liver & kidney troubles
  • Stops bleeding of wounds & very cleansing to old ulcers & sores.
  • Wounds any kind heal more rapidly when washed with sage tea.
  • Used as Poultice for inflammations of all kinds.
  • Useful in measles & smallpox (fevers of all kinds).
  • Soothing in nervous troubles
  • Relieves headaches. 
  • Great head tonic, can even help hair grow if roots not destroyed & removes dandruff.
  • Coughs, colds, lung troubles…

Yes, we can continue with this marvelous herb… 

Try it you have nothing to lose & so much to gain, for it’s multitude of medicinal value…


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